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Obama The Chicken Pravda 10/28/08

Obama Has Not Been Elected President  Pravda 11/11/08

Barack, The Amazing Mr. Obama Pravda 12/02/08

Obama Conspiracy Theory Nuts Pravda 12/09/08

The Mysterious Shadow Code Name Obama Pravda 12/18/08

Obama’s Hope For The World Pravda 12/24/08 (This was on Obama's website for 3 days)

Obama Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist Pravda 01/08/09

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama vs World Leaders Pravda 01/19/09

America’s Sheriffs Fight Barack Obama And Federal Government Pravda 02/03/09

Obama the only US President to be sued (Part 1) Pravda 03/16/09

Obama the only US President to be Sued (Part 2)Pravda 03/17/09

Grand Jury Indicts Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama Part 1 Pravda 04/14/09

Grand Jury Indicts Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama Pravda 04/15/09

Obama On Trial With Columbia Pravda 07/22/10

American Military officers against Obama Pravda 10/13/10

Obama The Chicken Is Being Plucked Pravda 01/30/12

Election 2012: Jeb Bush vs Barack Obama Pravda 02/20/12

It Is Time To Ostracize Obama Supporters Pravda 10/19/12


Immigration Fraud Pravda 09/25/08

The Nightmare Has Begun Pravda 10/17/08

America’s Intolerence To Immigrants Pravda 11/21/08

Obama’s Illegal Aliens vs Arizona’s SB 1070 Pravda 07/26/10

Arizona’s Immigration Law: Stronger Than Ever Pravda 07/29/10

Why American’s Don’t Want Illegal Immigrants Pravda 02/15/12

Donald Trump, Vicente Fox and That Stupid Wall Pravda 05/20/16 Part 1

 Obama’s Humane Solution for Illegal Immigrants Pravda 05/24/16 Part 2 of the above article


A Sight To Behold Pravda Mark S. McGrew Writing As Kevin Righter 06/11/08

Governor Sarah Palin A different Image Pravda 08/10/08

The American Election System Pravda 10/27/08

Gino DiSimone – America’s Politicians Refuse to Respect the Constitution Pravda 08/26/10

American Revolution: County Sheriffs vs the Federal Government Pravda 01/17/12

Libertarian Party Supports Islamic Terrorists R\Pravda 06/13/12

 Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden Pravda 06/25/12

Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. Biden Pravda 06/26/12

The Mirror and The Force El Ojo Del Lago 2004

La Casa El Ojo Del Lago 2004

Manners in Mexico El Ojo Del Lago 2005

Apocalypto El Ojo Del Lago 2007

Mysteries of the Universe El Ojo Del Lago 2008

Raramuri Pravda 12/04/08


The Price of Oil Pravda 08/12/08

Basic Economics of Oil Well Pravda 08/18/08

 Wall Street Bailouts Pravda 10/01/08

Your Best Investment, Good Times or Bad Pravda 11/26/08

Smart Investing in Oil Pravda 12/17/08

American Oil Investments Pravda 09/30/10


America’s Future Lawyers Pravda 12/15/08

CNN and MSNBC Sexual Degenerates and Liars Renew America 04/18/09

Dangers of Smoking Tobacco Pravda 09/07/10

Georgia Judge Michael Malihi is a Cowardly Traitor Pravda 02/06/12